Jamaica Tonic


Not a fan of gin? This recipe will change your mind!


Prep your glass by chilling it! Once chilled, add the hibiscus and the cardamom to your glass. Before adding the cardamom, gently crush them with the palm of your hand. This will help to release the aromas. Pour your Gin and let it rest for 1 or 2 minutes and stir.

It's time to add your ice! Use plenty of it to reduce melting. This will also help enhance the flavors of your drink. 

Pour your favorite tonic, it should bubbly and cold. As you pour, keep it close to the ice. This will reduce the amount of lost gas. To make it less carbonated, stir gently for a few seconds with a spoon (In case you are enjoying it after a meal). 

Let it rest! It is important to let it rest about 30–40 seconds before drinking so both gin and tonic absorb all the flavors of the botanicals.  

Cheers, and enjoy!